PHP 8.0.0 benchmarked

PHP 8.0.0 is benchmarked.

Performances are a bit increased compared to PHP 7.4: 2.6%.

Important information : JIT is not activated because we have some issues with it for now.

Blackfire partnership

We are proud to announce partnership with Blackfire!

On benchmark result page you will find a link to Blackfire profile.

This tool is easy to install, and will help you to understand how to increase performances of your application!

Modifications of benchmarking protocol

Benchmarking protocol has been modified:
  • Reboot benchmark server before a benchmark.
  • 10,000 calls instead of 50,000.
  • Each benchmark is executed with many PHP configurations:
    • preload enabled (PHP 7.4) and opcache enabled.
    • preload disabled and opcache enabled.
    • preload disabled and opcache disabled.
  • Added Blackfire profile for each benchmark (only PHP for now).

For now, only PHP benchmarks are updated with the new protocol.
Other types (framework, template engine and JSON serializer) are on the way.

Symfony 5.0.0 benchmarked

Symfony 5.0.0 results are available.

There is no significant difference compared to 4.4 benchmarks.