Twig 2.X benchmarked and comparator has been reworked

Hello World benchmarks for Twig 2.x are available.
Twig 2.1 is the fastest version, but there is no significant difference between versions.

Comparator has been reworked, to be more readable and give you more informations.

Add Ask and Our services

You can ask us to benchmark you favorite PHP tool here: Ask for a bench.

Ask detailed benchmarks, and see how we can help you to increase your framework performances here: Our services.

Laravel 5.6 benchmarks

Laravel 5.6 benchmarks are available.

With Apache Bench With Siege
Laravel 5.6 is the fastest Laravel version, for now!
Take care about results, we have removed lot of Middlewares only for 5.6 benchmarks. Other Laravel versions benchmarks will be relaunched, with same modifications.

Zend Framework 3.0 benchmark relaunched

After repositories modifications (one branch for each benchmarks, instead of just master for all benchmarjs), Zend Framework 3.0 Hello World and REST API benchmarks has been relaunched.
Witold Wasiczko has modified routes definiotns for REST APi, by using Literal instead of Segment. He delete useless dependencies for this benchmark too.

Hello world lose 208 points (-3%), goes down from 13th to 14th place.
REST Api won 731 points (+24%), due to route definition modifications.

As Witold Wasiczko, do not hesitate to create a PR to increase your favourite framework performances!

Benchmarks informations added

On benchmarks results page, for example CakePHP 3.5, you will find 4 new icons:
  • Benchmark configuration: informations about benchmark configuration
  • Statistics: memory, declared classes, defined constants...
  • Source code: github source code link
  • History : benchmarks history