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CakePHP 3.5 benchmarks
CakePHP 3.5 benchmarks available, asked by Megan Lalk, CakePHP community manager !

With Apache Bench With Siege CakePHP 3.5 has similar score with Zend Framework 3.0 and Laravel 5.5.
Hello World is a little bit faster than Zend and Laravel, but REST Api is strongly slowed by the 500 routes.

We are in contact with Mark Story, CakePHP lead dev, to give him our results and that improvements could be made for futur releases.
Fix frameworks size
Fix directory size for all frameworks, all versions.
Old size was wrong.
Home page modifications
News has been added on home page, with last benchmarks and site modifications.
No more excuse to not know last frameworks scores !
Added benchmarks statistics
Benchmarks statistics has been added : memory, declared classes etc.
You can find it on benchmarks results page, for example Symfony 4.
Symfony, Zend Framework and Laravel with PHP 7.2 benchmarks
All frameworks benchmarks are available with PHP 7.2.

With Apache Bench With Siege Symfony 4.0 is faster by 11% with PHP 7.2, Zend Framework 3.0 by 9% and Laravel 5.5 by 9% too !
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